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"My Most Beautiful Dream" - available languages


Languages with mp3 audiobook versions, included for free in the ebook and in the printed book, are marked (► mp3). More about our audible language program

Bengali (Bangla) (► mp3)

Bokmål (► mp3)

Bosnian (► mp3)

Chinese (► mp3)

Croatian (► mp3)

Dari (► mp3)

English (► mp3)

Farsi (► mp3)

Finnish (► mp3)

French (► mp3)

German (► mp3)

Italian (► mp3)

Japanese (► mp3)


Moldavian (► mp3)

Norwegian (► mp3)

Persian (Farsi, Dari) (► mp3)

Romanian (► mp3)

Russian (► mp3)


Spanish (► mp3)


Swedish (► mp3)

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